Run…. It’s not a trap

Most of the time when I tell people I meet that I love running their reactions are. Uughh I hate running I would rather do ABC… 

But what only runners will understand is the pure bliss that comes from running. I’m sure all of you have heard the health benefits of running like improved cardiovascular strength and lung capacity, only naming a few. 

What I can tell you about running, is what it teaches you in a personal emotional sense. It teaches you how far you can push yourself, your actual capabilities in terms of fitness and other aspects of life. You realize that if you can push yourself that far physically, you can push yourself even further as an individual. It teaches you self -discipline e.g. you can’t smoke or even drink too much, as it will affect the way you function the next day or during training. The other self-discipline with running is the early rise in the morning. That reluctance to wake up early get yourself fed and run in the morning is what makes you realize what a productive, successful day feels like. 

Running gives you challenges mentally and physically. A study in Denmark used a wide study group of men and women that were runners and saw that their lives are extended when running an average of 2 and a half hours per week. The same study also showed that people run to alleviate their mood and feel good during the day. 

With this said, as runners, we all know that we need to rest even though we don’t always liaten to our bodies. It starts becoming like an addiction and we need to start listeninh to our bodies, Am I Right? But more often than not we don’t, and injuries arise, which put us out for longer. 

So if you’re not a runner I encourage you to try at least, and trying is not running once a week. It is running a few days per week and feeling what us runners experience. I can almost promise you will have the experience and never turn back. 

In terms of nutrition, you have to be aware of what you, as an individual need when exercising. This can be done by trial and error. If you run for periods longer than half an hour (which is not suitable for beginners, try 30 minutes at first) it is so importamt to fuel your body properly. Eat your lean meats and eggs and remember those healthy oils e.g. omega-3 and 6 supplementations. Most vitamins and minerals you need can be obtained via the food you eat. This website is an accurate source to use when planning your meals for the day. Nutrition is the most important factor to consider every day and it will also determine your efficacy during the day. 

I really hope that this will get you amped to start running and see what it’s all about. 💙

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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