Stop…Breathe and Get perspective

If you’re feeling the pressures of everyday life and allowing it to get to you, say amen. I mean we’re all human beings, but why have we lost our humanity by rushing everything and forgetting to look after ourselves and enjoy life.

I have made quite the observation that in todays times people are constantly chasing something. As if this life isn’t rushed enough we rush ourselves to find solutions to our own problems all the time. We’re forgetting who’s really in control here, and in the process we lose ourselves instead of finding ourselves first. This probably sounds confusing to you, and it’s just because we confuse ourselves. 

If you are wondering where to begin, I’ll tell you, the beginning. God our beginning and end, alpha and omega. Sitting with HIM and getting clarity on what HE wants for us is where we should start. Being aware that he might not give us an answer right away is also a good place to be. Our timing is not HIS. 

In my own life I’ve been bombarded by the enemy lately and have allowed him to get the best of me. He stole my happiness because I gave into my anxiety. I want to tell you today that the enemy will not get the best of you, cause God has defeated him. You can rebuke his input he feels he has in your life. 

People will not fullfill you or make you happy, it’s about time you enjoy the life God has given you. Deal with your issues and give them to him. Then move on eith your life in the most positive way. Aligning yourself with positive, goal-driven and passionate people.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in our own lives that we forget to say thanks to HIM for what he has given you. So say your thanks to him and join hands with him, cause HE will help you fight those battles 💙

This is a bit of motivation that I needed and that I’m sure some of you need as well. I genuinely hope that you will start enjoying life, do what you love and find yourself in the process. Stop, breathe and  🌷

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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