Why is is it that being nice these days is taken for granted. When I speak to some guys they say it doesn’t help being the nice guy, cause it gets you nowhere with girls. Obviously this is a generalization, as I know plenty of nice guys that have girlfriends and they are really happy.

Getting a nice guy is not getting someone that you aren’t attracted to, I mean if you have to be attracted to someone to make it work. It’s getting someone that has the similar interests and someone who has respect for you and sees and notices the smaller things in life (most importantly in your life). A very clear warning sign is when he opens up straight away and talks and talks and talks.  A guy that can open up so easily to you has probably done the same thing with every other girl. I can gaurantee you this.

Like I mentioned before in my Godly men and women post, anything that comes easily is not worth it. You can hold me to this statement cause I can tell you it’s the truth. Through this I’m not saying it has to be a struggle. I’m saying that any person that can freely speak to you about anything without first testing the water has shared more than a few of the same conversations, probably to give the idea of trusting you. Do not fall for it. Be savvy, keep your playing cards to yourself. Don’t throw everything out there until you are sure they are as interested as they say.

The value of words should always be measured by the person saying them. If it’s said by someone who is known to lie, theres a 99% chance they’re also lying to you. Trust is earned and so is respect, so make sure they have shown you enough to know whether you will be able to trust them or not. Step back, get that perspective and rule out the bullshit.

Some good advise I can give to you is to never settle for anything less than what you deserve. If you don’t know what it is what you deserve, speak to the people closest to you and ask them. Asking them also tell you something, that you probably aren’t ready to go into a serious relationship just yet. I would say praying would be your best option, find out what the Lord wants you to do in your life by going to his word.

Stop beating around the bush and go to the source of your insecurities. Face them and deal with them. I’ve dealt with a lot of insecurities over the years and have struggled to see my worth. The only time I was able to deal with all these, was when I went to the Lord first. I prayed about it and found other friends in Christ to speak to about it. It seems so easy when I say it like that, but truth is, it’s tough. Facing yourself and the things you blame yourself for. Go to it and God will get you through it.

I genuinely hope that this inspires you to deal with those internal issues before going into any further relationships. Stay strong 💙🙏

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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