Be a Stronger you❤

Mental and emotional strength is a sensitive topic for most people. Some people say crying shows weakness, and others say it shows that you’re in touch with yourself. Personally I believe the latter.

I understand that when people go through certain trauma in their life everyone has a different way of coping. For me, it is eating way less than I usually do, yes I advocate healthy living, but I’m far from perfect🙋. I also tend to overthink and analyze everything. Then I started thinking (all in the good name of overanalyzing) am I weak now? 

Society makes us believe that if we do not conform to the norm we are the weirdos. When in actual fact, when thinking about it, society is the weirdo! Since when is dealing with and experiencing all the grieving steps and emotions a bad thing?

The one thing that I have learnt is that I gained the most from actually going through the steps of grieving and trauma. I learned that everything in life is really not easy, and that dealing with things head on is the only way of getting through them🙋
Several times I would find myself trying to sweep something under the carpet, only to realize that it would come back to haunt me. We do not want to prolong our pain, but rather grow to be stronger than we were before and make sure that we  handle the situation better next time. Being strong doesn’t necessarily mean handling everything without flaw from this point forward.

It simply means, getting up in the morning knowing that you will face challenges, and taking them on swiftly as they come, because you know the pain and can appreciate what had brought you to this point to be able to deal with tough situations.
So however you choose to deal with your trauma or situation, make sure that in the process you are moving forward and not self sabotaging and lying to yourself about thinking you are going forward. Make the change to see the change and remember that, yes, it’s cliché (brace yourselves) Rome wasn’t built in a day 👆👆There may not be instantaneous healing, but sure enough the healing will happen at the right time ❤

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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