What do you want to be 

So many times in my life I’ve started the new year knowing exactly what I’ll be starting with being able to make a plan. Not this year…

I am looking for work and it’s pretty daunting. It’s a season of uncertainty, of where I’ll end up and wondering where life will take me. Somehow I had an unearthly peace inside my heart and I knew it would all be just fine ❤sounds a bit like a dream, but honestly I felt that peace. Opportunities came for possible jobs, but they involved doing work that I just knew in my heart were not the right ones. Until the right one presented itself and I knew that I would regret not taking it…

Inside ourselves we have potential, for some of us it’s locked up and hidden and for others it is a well known fact. I’m hoping today that you all make an effort to find that locked up potential and believe in yourself! It’s something that I’ve personally been struggling with. I am so open in this blog, just as I am in my own life. Honestly I am so sceptical about sharing too much, because I have seen how revealing yourself to others makes you so vulerable to get hurt. My father always says thay you can’t trust anyone, because people will always dissapoint you, and it’s so true. 

Now that is where faith comes in for me, I have to trust in the Lord to allow me to know exactly when I can share something openly or not. I have learnt so much about myself lately and I really want you to dig deep and learn things about yourself too. It is the only possible way for us to unlock this unknown potential in ourselves, knowing our own strengths and weaknesses and then trust in the Lord that He will give you opportunities where you can reveal these strengths and weaknesses and further develop yourself. I regularly say that God has made us fearfully and wonderfully unique in His image and that alone gives me motivation to wake up each and every day and thank Him with everything I do. Whether it is how I talk to people and handle them, to how I treat myself on a dayly basis.

How do you treat yourself? Are you constantly judging yourself and telling yourself that you can do better? OR do you recognize that you are doing the best you can do and look at the positive aspects of your life and reward yourself for these things. Life isn’t sunshine and roses and I’m sure I don’t have to say this to you, but if you decide to look at the positive things, it could be filled with moments of sunshine and roses my dear friends 🌞

I pray this onto your lives and really hppe that you may discover yourself, your worth and your strengths ! Grow and prosper!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman 

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