How bad do you want it?

Think about it, but really sit and write down why you want to lose weight or start a new training program.

Make it clear to yourself exactly what it is that drives you to want to reach your goals. I can tell you now if you base the reasoning behind wanting to reach your goals on other people, you are doing it wrong. Part of why I started this blog was to inspire and motivate people to believe in themselves more and believe that they are capable of reaching their goals. This can only be done when the individual ot person believes in themselves. 

It all starts with a little faith. Why is it that we are so supportive of other people and their plans and goals but we forget to be supportive with ourselves.👆

So now, I want you to write down all the excuses you’ve made for not being able to make it to exercise or not being able to follow a balanced diet. Look at this list and realize that those excuses do not define how this path will end. Instead use them as motivators to stay away from, on your health and fitness journey. 

I was watching one of my favourite series where there were two co-workers that started to have feelings for one another, and on a specific day the lady went to her female co-worker and asked her how she could deal with the situation, because they had to work together. The female collegue said “If you don’t want the cookies stay out of the kitchen” 

It struck me right there and then that people who want to self-sabotage themselves find themselves in conflicting situations so they can have another excuse of why they were in the kitchen. Stay out of the kitchen, stick to your guns and make a wise choice of not only sticking to your plan, but sticking with yourself too!

Now write a list of your goals and try to broaden them by seeing whether they are smart which is an acronym for Specific, Measureable, Achievable and Time sufficient. I’ve explained the meaning behind this in one of my first blog posts. It just goes to show that having goals and writing them goes a long way. Even your short-term goals are really so important. These remind you that you have to take the process of life in a step-by-step manner.😊

Stop trying to make a million changes at once and break them up into bite size pieces. For instance, you want to cut some carbs out of your diet. Do not starve yourself for a whole day! Rather cut it oit of your breakfast first, do this for a week and then see if you need to cut more. I believe that you shouldn’t completely cut carbs out of your diet unless you are chronically ill or can’t digest carbs. Personally I need carbs for energy (I mean it is our bodies primary energy source)

But I’m dwelling off now 😅 make sure you focus on reaching your goals and work toward them. BUT most of all please enjoy the journey! It’s not going to be easy breezy but it will be worth it! I feel like I repeat that a lot but it is 100 percent worth it! You only have one life* So enjoy it while you live it ❤
Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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