If Exercise is boring to you… Change the way you do it

As of recently I have been reading a lot about training programs and how they are designed.

I have heard so many people saying that they don’t gym, because it’s boring. Well to you I say.. Anything can be boring if you don’t spice it up. 

I know many of you get your training programs from the internet and that’s fine. Although some programs are specific to certain people. So make sure when your getting a program that your goals are done correctly. In one of my previous posts I discussed that is is great for woman to do resistance training. Our muscles can be trained a certain way, depending on whether you want to gain muscle or look toned.

For me, I wanted to work on building my booty a bit and for the rest of my body I focused on toning. Now how did I go about this?

My background in Exercise science made it a bit easier. So for my training sessions, I planned to gym legs (specifically glutes, hammies with a end of abs and calves at the end) on Mondays and on Wednesdays (quads and hammies with back ) The exercises I chose were building lean muscle for hammies and glutes so I would do 10-12 repitions, 2-4 sets of these and short rest in between of approximately 30-45 seconds. 

Then on tuesdays and thursdays, this is where I intergrate a bit of cross-training by doing a 4km run(As fast as I can) as well as a gym session, which would be arms. I also vary the muscle groups in my arms doing Back and biceps on tuesday and shoulders and triceps on Thursdays (heavier weights though and less reps and same amount of sets)

My body readily and effectively reacts to all the exercises I do. Personally I did only gym for a few months, but found that as I gained my muscle I gained weight as well. So doing aerobic exercise with my training works out perfectly, giving me the lean, toned look I was working towards.

In alternating weeks I also do High Intensity Interval Training, and this facilitates my running in such a great way giving me the power I need and allowing me to hold out speed for longer🏃

Furthermore, and probably the moat important part of reaching your physical goals. Nutrition is what you need to focus on. Consulting a Dietitian will be your best bet, but if you know how nutrition works. For fat loss you would have to cut your calories by 500 to start off. You can use the Mifflin-St Jeor equation, if you want to attempt to work all your calorie needs out. This is the equations used by Dieticians(once again I know this as I studied a few years of Dietetics, so I’m not pulling it out of my thumb😉)

Nutrition can also be made into something exciting, you can mix it up. Prepare food in different ways and make sure that you fuel yourself properly for all your workouts💪

Hope this helps you to organize and try to plan your exercise regime❤

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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