End-year Serenity

The end of the year is closing in on us and instead of doing a reflection on your year and remembering what struggles we faced and what we could’ve done better, I challenge you, to look at the positive decisions and moments that allowed you to grow🙏

Make sure that you find peace in the past and focus on what’s ahead, while maintaining a hard look at reality. Living in denial of the things that have happened also puts you in a bad situation. Handle your stuff, make sure you work through all of it. Obviously some things may take longer than others, but as long as you find the peace to go forward and stop blaming yourself and others for what you’ve been through, you will start 2019 off with a bang💙

Motivating yourself and giving yourself positive feedback instead of breaking yourself down is probably the single most important thing I can vouch for to living a better life. For so many years I have found myself in a space of self blame and shaming. At what cost? I learned that the cost is your own happiness. Which trust me.. Is not worth losing. 

Learning leads to growing, but it does not mean that you now have an excuse to make stupid mistakes. You need to remember that although you have the choice to make good and bad decisions, the bad ones will affect you emotionally, physically and spiritually. I need you to be kind to yourself, understand that you are human and you will fail. It’s just how you handle the failure and others around you in this time that will allow you to grow even more.

The next thing that is really important as we see the end of 2018 is to writr down these positive things you have achieved and remind yourself what you are capable of. Make your new years resolutions plain and simple, and decide to live everyday in the most positive way and to search for happiness in yourself and do not base it on others or on material things. 💙

Love, live, laugh. I always look at this quote and think how cliche it is, but I really thought about it today and realized. 

1. God is Love and we have to live our lives through and in love. 

2. Live.. Every day is a new opportunity to live passionately, positively and overall happily. We have an opportunity that not all people have. There is modern day slavery and so many horrible things that happen to people all over the world and we complain about not having milk in the house. So my dear reader LIVE completely, fully and passionately.

3. Laugh.. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where humor is such a big thing. We can laugh at eachother and with eachother. It is another way thay will change the way you look at life. Being serious all the time is so heavy and personally without laughter I would probably be depressed. 

Carry your positive attitude over into the new year and no matter whuch circumstances you find yourself you will make a success of whatever you decide to take on. It’s so scary to realize thay something as small as your attitude towarda something can make such a massive difference.

So take these last few days of the year to reflect, appreciate and know that you’re entering 2019 with a vengeance😉 you do you!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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