Want more energy throughout the day?

We all come to a certain point in our day where we start feeling really tired and frustrated. Like me, you’ve probably sensed the Hangry feeling creeping in.

In this segment I’ll be giving you simple ways on how to prevent this feeling and to be constantly nourished. Our brains and bodies need all the nutrients it can get throughout the day… So have some respect and feed them 😳
Start your morning off with a balanced breakfast and depending in the type of work you do, vary your carbs, proteins and fats in a way that suits that situation. 

For example if you have a very passive type job like working in an office where you sit and make phone calls, cut on the simple carbs and unhealthy fats and make sure you have enough fruits, vegetables as well as meat. Eat low GI foods. As they take longer to digest, meaning that you don’t have to eat as often. Make your snacks nutritious and make sure you don’t eat lots of saturated and trans fats e.g. crisps, sweets or fast foods (I know it’s convenient, but so is prepping a meal). Eat things like 10 almonds, cashews or peanuts and raisins(all raw and unsalted), sweet potato chips 🍟, a seed bar etc.

If you have a job that keeps you busy physically, it is my opinion that you eat more regularly and make sure that all your meals are nutritious and filling if you can’t eat regularly. Have more Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and plenty of fruits and veg for extra energy throughout the day.

Now comes the main and important point. There is no such thing as too big an effort when it comes to meal prepping. You prep for a few days and put the food in a freezer. Take it out in the morning, defrost when it’s time and eat💆

Whenever someone tells me it’s an effort I can’t help but think that taking one evening or a few hours in one day over a weekend to prep your food takes way less time than making food every single day.. Soooo no excuses.. Do your prep and please give me some feedback on how you experience meal prepping🙏

You don’t necessarily have to count your calories exactly and work out the amounts of carbs, proteins and fats etc. You just have to keep your portions in control and listen to your body. If you feel like you can add a bit more protein because you exercise 3 times a week do that on those days and make sure that you keep it interesting. 

A diet or a meal plan can really be quite fun if you make it 👌so at the end of the day it’s up to you. I can only give my own opinion on this. But I have had to meal prep a lot in my life and know how much less of an effort it is.

Furthermore take your vitamins in the morning your body needs especially vitamin B12 to use the energy from your food and converts it to energy in your body. I usually take a multi-vitamin and it really works. Make sure you supplement everything that you know you may need to. 

Then last but definitely not least, hydrate hydrate hydrate. Your body needs water and electrolytes for kidney functioning and water balance in your cells… 
Now go and look after yourself. Cause at the end of the day it’s your body and your mental and physical health that is suffering 💙💙

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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