Think Positive, Speak Positive, Be Positive 

It probably sounds like a lame thing to say, but hell it’s the truth. We can’t just do one without the other. Thinking evolves into actions at the end of the day and we have control over it 😉

Ever found yourself in a space of negativity? Have you thought about what occupies your mind in those times. I can almost gaurantee you that it had something to do with thoughts like, “Why can’t I do anything right?”, “Why would anyone pick me?”, “I can’t do it.”

Sound familiar? Well that’s because those thoughts turn into negative comments about yourself or others and those comments will usually reciprocate into actions of acting out, causing some unnecessary drama and ultimately upsetting yourself and ruining your day or even weeks of your life.

Why do we do this? What’s the point of making life so miserable. We were put on this earth to enjoy ourselves and make sure that we are good examples and carry ourselves with pride and love ❤ I know it’s soppy, but it’s true…

So today I challenge you all to go look at your thoughts and manage them, pray about them and ask that you have a more positive mindset.

Remember your not doing this for anyone else but yourself. This is your life. Please enjoy it as much as you possibly can. Every single day🌈

It will be the best thing you do. Reward yourself for things you do right and find ways of improving the things you do wrong in a positive self-confident way…

They (the all knowing “they”) say you are what you eat, and the same goes for you are what you think you are. Think, speak and do positive things and love yourself no matter how hard it feels !

It will most definitely be worth it 💙💙💙

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

P.S Sorry for the radio silence, Life happened😱

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