#FITNESS Be the BOSS of your body!

The last few weeks I have spoken to quite a few people who say that they should listen to their bodies more. Believe it or not, that feeling you have when you know something is bad for your body, but do it anyway. That’s the feeling you should react to.
We all as individuals have different foods and exercises that we know our bodies respond well to and vice versa. With this you can get blood tests done to check whether there is a supplement shortage. After which you may realize you need to take a few vitamins that may just boost your energy or help with other functions your body is struggling with currently. You will be surprised at the difference that makes in everyday life. 

After doing this, another great strategy is to test the response of different exercises on your body’s metabolism and form. Some will react to resistance training (weights and machines), where others will respond better to cardiovascular training (running) and with a combination of these two types of exercises rarely dissapoints.

We all know what we can and cannot eat and the foods we prefer. Now! Remember, just because your body doesn’t react badly to high sugar foods and high fat foods does not mean that it is not good for you. I also know that most people are aware of this fact, but, we so easily convince ourselves otherwise. Like, ‘Just this one time?’ Or, ‘I just had the best workout, I deserve an ice-cream?’. This is the enemies attempt to throw you off your game. So say NO and live the healthy way. A lot of people will say that healthy food is disgusting (convincing themselves) when in actual fact we know it can be good. 

Live smart and healthy and listen to your body, not your brain (you know what I mean) Don’t allow the enemy to convince you othwise and be the boss of your own body.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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