Going back to your roots!

You’re gonna need an open mind for this one. Not only do we continually look at social media to set our, sometimes unrealistic body goals, living goals and work goals, we go to the internet for nearly everything.

Like we all know, although we don’t like to admit it, is that not all of the information we find online is accurate or true. So how do I live a natural, preservative and processed free life, full of natural products and growth in our physical and personal lives, with that inaccurate information.

It may be more simple than you thought. Going back to our roots is the answer. Basic daily habits, like brushing our teeth for 2-3 minutes and taking a shower, can now become our physical life living cues, to change habits positively.

Going back to roots in nutrition means eating food derived from it’s most natural, original form. We know that using pesticides etc. on vegetables has become prevalent, and therefore having those fruits and vegetables, may not be as easy as you thought before. I’m not saying don’t eat them, please do, but make sure you know where your fruits and veg come from. Maybe a farmers market will be your best bet in this regard.

Going back to the roots of movement. There are so many millions types of exercises you can do these days, but it has been proven that the more primitive movements e.g Yoga, animal flow , walking, swimming etc. Is part of our default setting as people. Do something that grounds you in original movement at least once per day. Center yourself in meditation, and check in with yourself.

How do I do all these things at once?

You don’t. Unless you have an insane amount of control and discipline, which some people do! So for those who struggle on that front, I’ll give you some well deserved hope.

  • Make your life less complicated, by setting cues for you to complete a habit. For example, I used going to the bathroom to do 10 squats. Trust me, my booty was on fire after that first day. I wanted to make exercise a part of my life, without putting pressure on a specific time of day.
  • Do the things you want to do in your own way. What works for me, might not work for you. So find your own cue, like doing chin tucks after you finish a project on your computer or when you take a break, or having 1 fruit before you start working. Find something within your day to attach your habit to.
  • Make quality time for yourself, write down your thoughts and emotions about doing your habits. Get yourself a Wellness Journal.
  • Celebrate your victories with something that gives you motivation to do it again. After I exercise, I have a coffee to celebrate. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.
  • Be patient with the process, and use your mishaps as room for growth and improvement in that part of your life. As motivation.

Anyways, going back to the roots. Eating unprocessed healthy foods, doing wholesome movements, which are related to everyday living and resting and learning to love the process rather than focusing on the results is what I’m getting at here. Take time and appreciate your successes, enjoy and live for today!!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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