Adulting and how to do it

Even the most grown adults, do not know how to do it. Then why is it that I’m attempting to shed some light on adulting.

Well, because, I’m going to be honest about the art of adulting and how to attempt to do it, without being an asshole.

I remember a few years ago, I had this “friend” that told me that I don’t need to ask my parents for advice anymore, cause I’m a grown girl now. Well, that “friend” is not my friend anymore. Not because she told me I’m a grown girl, but because she wasn’t capable of adulting in a proper way.

Tip 1: Don’t be an asshole

Your parents brought you into this life, and they probably know you better than anyone. So listening to them when you seek advice may not be the worst idea, and if you, like my “friend” think that you’re helping someone to make a change in their life by debunking the importance of a support system in their life. You might be taking the wrong approach.

Don’t let any person make you feel like you have to be in a relationship, or buy certain brands or drive a specific car. You have to be at peace with where you are in life. If your 35 and you’re still single, embrace that! Be the woman you want to be. If you’re unhappy, do something to get yourself out of that situation if it does not serve you, be it a job, relationship or unhealthy relationship with food.

Tip 2 : You’re more important than you think

If I had a penny for the amount of times I’ve negative self-talked, Oh man, I would be a Billionaire. Somehow we reserve our time, effort and other resources of our precious lives being pretty hard on ourselves. Why do we do this?

Well, most probably because we’re giving others all our attention, our partners, friends, pets, work etc. So try for once to start focusing a bit of attention on your wants and needs. Saying no to other things to do some self-care is the most important things for our mental and emotional well-being, and you will experience that you handle stressful situations way more calmly. So next time your friend Susan comes to you and shares her marital problems with you for the umpteenth time you feel less like you want to run away and punch her and more like you might muster up the courage to tell her ( in a nice way) that it may be time to see a therapist.

Mostly I would say, frankly, stop being an asshole to yourself!

Tip 3: We are all in this together

Once you realise that Darrel the Traveller, on Instagram, now has to, just like you, be in lockdown due to covid and can’t travel.

You see, at end of the day everyone has struggles, victories and celebrations. We need to learn to be supportive of others and stop envying them, because we all know that although everything may look perfect, fun and amazing on the outside, like Darrel’s trip to the Taj Mahal in February 2020. He had to, just like everyone else stop travelling, and that must’ve been hard for him. Before I end up sympathising too much with Darrel, the tip remains. Be content with where you are now and don’t envy what you perceive others have more of.

Tip 4: Adulting doesn’t mean you’re getting closer to death

Live your life to the fullest. Learn a new skill, go and try out that Yoga class Jenny has been trying to drag you to for the last 2 months. Develop yourself, by listening to podcasts, meditate, treat yourself to a spa day. Take your kids to the Grandparents and have a date night with your hubby.

You are never too old to have an amazing time in your life. Whatever it may be that makes you happy, do it! Embrace every moment of life.

Tip 5: Look after your health

🫐 Eat your vegetables and fruits( preferably 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables) daily. Eat enough fiber (ladies 25 g per day). Meditate and breathe. Do your exercise at least 3-5 times a week and don’t skip it.

💧Drink enough water ( if you wanna know how much is enough, Drop me an e-mail) 💧

☀️Look after your skin, do not forget sunscreen daily. We don’t want to sit with permanent marks like the lady on the beach that looks like a piece of dried out leather. Noooo.

I really hope you take something from this post and live your absolute greatest life !

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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