Weigh-ing your options

I have recently posted on my instagram doing a poll on whether people find that using a bathroom scale to weigh themselves have positive or negative effects on them.

My consensus was that most people felt negative, more specifically 63% felt negative about it. This is something I could’ve guessed too, but then you get to work with people in a practical setting.

Working as a Health and Wellness Practitioner has opened my eyes to so many habits and ways of thinking people have when it comes to their health. When it comes to weighing themselves, people initially feel shy and negative about why they are doing this, and you try to explain that it’s to determine where the starting point is, we will determine what we are working with.

When in actual fact the thing that we should start working with is the emotional connection you have with consequent weight-loss or weight gain. Was it stress? Did you experience trauma?, or were you just so busy with work that made forgot about your health. Most of us have a reason rooted in your past experiences and emotions. Why is it that people either eat when you’re stressed, and others don’t eat anything when they are stressed.

Well to all of these emotional things I do not have answers, because I’m not a licensed psychologist. BUT, one thing I know is that we all come from various backgrounds and all of us grew up observing those around us and not only that, we may have either had guardians that fed us when we were feeling bad, or those that spoke to us and made us think for hours and cry (not eating) haha😂 No, I’m kidding.

Then comes Physiological response to stress, when you eat something that you like and makes you feel good, for example, Chocolate. It releases feel good hormones into the blood, giving us the illusion that we are feeling better. When in actual fact it’s a momentary fix, just like alcohol and drugs.

Ok, but I’m going off topic here. So we’re back to weighing. Others which made up the other 37% liked using the scale and this is probably because they have had good experiences when they lost or gained that weight, seeing them results🙌🏼

Results, results, results! In today’s world driven by being successful and being recognized for being successful, I have experienced what good results can do to motivation and determination. When people see that number on the scale drop or increase(when that was their goal) it’s instant gratification.

It’s about the numbers. Or that’s what some people believe. For some it can be good and for some it isn’t. It’s the role of those working with people in a health setting to determine which of these is true for every individual 🧘🏼‍♀️

You do have a choice whether you want to weigh yourself or not💙 and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise🍇👋🏻

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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