Face Yourself

Looking back over the past few months, I have come to the realization that I have been my own worst enemy. Now this is probably something that everyone can relate to.

To use a simple example: You’re writing down an answer in the test, that you think is right, but you second guess yourself and cross it out. Just to find out you were right the first time… I’m sure this has happened to many, if not all of you. Life is a series of choices we make, and most of the time we’re not sure what the answer is but we do it anyway.

Second guessing yourself can be good sometimes, but you run a risk of breaking your stride. Doubting yourself makes room for constant doubting and negative self-talk and that can damage you. We don’t realize what the effect of our internal communication is. Negativity is a mindset. So anyone who tells you negative things all the time, has allowed the negativity to take over. I believe that life is a series of choices we make, some good and some not so good.

At the end of the day you decide where you’re going to end up. I will always remember the analogy my father used. He said that I thought I was a chicken, that was meant to be on the ground and eat from the dirt, when in actual fact I am an eagle that’s meant to fly and strive for greatness.

Now to give some background,  I struggled with my self worth and confidence and that’s why I can write about it’s importance now. It’s one thing for others to point out your significance, but it’s a whole other ball game to believe it yourself. See yourself as a chicken and you’ll be one, but see yourself as an eagle and you will soar.

I will always advocate the importance of knowing that you are worth every single good thing that comes your way. Society today is filled with so many expectations of who we should be, that, if we don’t fall into that category we feel we aren’t good enough. When I was at school for instance I would see all these children around me excelling academically that my 75 percent suddenly didn’t seem good enough. As I always say, you are what you believe you are. So the negativity I spoke about earlier popped up.

We need to learn how to be happy for others, without having to envy them. We need to see our worth, not through others eyes, but through our own. Introspection, time and space is what WE need to give yourself.

We should allow ourselves to make mistakes and still stay confident. Make good choices in terms of your health, both physically and mentally. Take the stress off and allow yourself to be just that… YOURSELF!!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

One Reply to “Face Yourself”

  1. For 24 years you are part of my life…my DNA. You are “in process” and with you I’m looking forward on how our Almighty Father ,Jesus and the Holy Ghost (in you) will lead and guide you !
    I love you with all I have ( in me).


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