Why be anyone else, but YOU?

So many times I come across people who pretend to be something or someone that they aren’t, and honestly it makes me so sad. We take being ourselves and having the freedom to be ourselves for granted.

I have decided to focus the next little segment on self worth again and it’s because it’s such an incredibly important subject.

A bit of background on my last month would be helpful so you know where I’m writing from. I have decided to end my studies in the field of Dietetics and have decided to embark on a new journey. Making the decision wasn’t easy and actually doing it was even harder. Although all of this was bad, what I discovered about myself made my decision so worth it.

I had a lot of time to think about the value of looking after yourself and realizing your worth, in my single season I came to the realization that who I am is not determined by other people, my family, studies, awards, grades or finances. My happiness depended on ME, and I took every opportunity I could to learn about what made me happy😊

I was so out of touch with myself, through all the studying and studying and eventually stu-DYING , I soon realized that I was so unhappy. I write about living a balanced lifestyle, but somewhere along the way my balance went missing. Honestly, that scared me!

Even as we age so many issues that we haven’t dealt with in our childhood comes back to haunt us. It may be something that you aren’t aware of, but it’s so important to dig deep and find these things that are keeping you from reaching your potential.

Deal with them, by seeing a psychologist, a lot of people have such a misconception (I know I did) that if you go to a psychologist there must be something wrong with you. Then I figured… If I want to deal with issues to be a better version of myself, how on earth does that show that there is something wrong with me?

Self worth is so much more than the world makes it out to be, we see people that are rich and famous and seem to have it all. When in actual fact these are the people struggling the most with themselves.

Now this is the part that I had to figure out the hard way. If you’re not happy within yourself how on earth do you expect other people to be happy with you. It’s hard to adult, because there are so many daily, weekly and monthly deadlines and meetings and so many thing that constantly keep you engaged.

So take this tip today. Find a quiet spot wherever you are and really breath. Take a deep breath through your nose and breath out through your mouth(3 times), and repeat this: I am good enough, I am capable and I am going to reach my goals. It seems silly, but really it’s such a great way to take you out of the situation you find yourself in.

Please cut yourself some slack. I didn’t and it caused me a great amount of anxiety and borderline depression. This is partly because I forgot to do the things that make me happy and that allowed me to grow. Also remember that your problem may not be solved in the same way mine was, but there are always ways in dealing with them.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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