Listen to your body

I have been going through a rough time lately in terms of training. I got an overuse injury in my ITB and was scared to start running again a week after treatment. 

One thing I’m glad for is the fact that I listened to my body when I did. After all of my other injuries I started training at the same intensity I stopped and this was a really bad idea. As athletes we are inclined to push ourselves too much and not give our bodies time to rest. After an additional week of gradually getting back into it, I realized how great I felt when I started running again. 

Even though I’m writing  this post in the perspective of running, people doing any kind of activity or exercise can take note here. Trust your intuition and do what you feel your body needs. Take time and use this time to get yourself in the correct mental space to start again. Don’t let your brain convince you that resting a few days will cause you to fall behind. Cause all it will do is recharge you and give you the ability to start new and fresh. 

With running, especially middle and long distance running, start yourself on a grass or softer surface, check whether your shoes as still in the right condition and do half the distance you would usually do or slow down your pace on the same distance. Doing swimming is also a great exercise to do when starting again it helps to maintain lung capacity, endurance and stamina. 

If you do this for around about 1-2 weeks you can be sure of a good start in the right direction. You have to keep in mind that you’re not a robot and that your body needs times off. It’s definitely not worth pushing yourself up to a point where you will never be able to compete again. 

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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