Reality check!

Do it! Only today I found myself reacting in a pretty selfish (the bad kind) way because I was allowing my emotions to govern the way I reacted to a conflict situation. Without thinking about what the reality of it all would be. 

Working through challenges and even sometimes conflict life throws at us, forces us to do some hardcore internal soul searching, and gives us an opportunity to react. Knowing our strengths and weaknesses allows us to know when to react and when to stand back. 

In terms of goal setting knowing what we are capable of will determine our action plan to get there. If you haven’t run a kilometer in your whole life, chances are that you will not be able to do a 10 kilometer off the bat. So really.. it’s about the reality check of it all. What can I do? How can I think about achieving it? What will my action plan be to get there? You can write down these answers below each question so you know where you are heading.

In terms of our reactions to conflict , we have to stop ourselves sometimes and say, ‘Wait a minute’,and then react. Know that thinking before speaking is always the best option. As we all know words can cause permanent damage and if its really not necessary, which it hardly ever is, so don’t do it. Once again the reality check of it all, which also gives us the reality of looking at the consequences of our actions. 

This is a short but powerful message which I really hope you take to heart next time you find yourself in a similar situation and don’t want to hurt yourself or others.
Xoxo Dan the Wooman



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