We’re talking Chia

The new hype around adding Chia seeds to smoothies, puddings and salads is a growing trend. So I’ll be using my resources to explore why.

Chia seeds originate from a hispanica plant found in Mexico. Although it is grown all over the world nowadays. The main reason for the Chia hype is because of its protein, mineral, omega-3-fatty acid( which are healthy fats) as well as its antioxidant properties. 

One of the claims made that have been proven incorrect by various studies is Chia seeds ability to help one lose weight. The study I found was done on people with type 2 diabetes to determine whether eating 50 g of Chia seed supplementation will facilitate the loss of body mass (fat). It was found that this was incorrect information as none of the subjects lost weight.

Although it may not assist in losing weight, Chia seeds are most definitely a good source of nutrients and can be added to foods. It has been determined that 1 Tablespoon of Chia seeds have:

5g of proteins

12g Carbs

10g Fibre 

9 g Fat (The healthy kind)
So there it is the Chia seed! I really hope you go visit my instagram @its_all_in_the_balance for a Chia smoothie bown recipe 💙💙

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