It IS that simple

Making life changing decisions in terms of living a healthy lifestyle is supposedly pretty simple? Or that’s what society makes us believe.

What is there to it? I mean, you choose to live a altogether better more sustainable life that will benefit you in the future. What they don’t add to that statement is how much self-discipline, commitment and sacrifice of the so called ‘nice’ things it takes to make the change.

I’m definitely not here to demotivate you, but rather encourage personal growth through not only changing the lifestyle but also changing the way you think about it. I mentioned in one of my previous posts that if you believe you can , YOU CAN, but the opposite is also true. We convince ourselves so easily that we aren’t capable of making changes when we know deep inside we can. 

Routine is the one thing that can get ypu on the right track. Take that notebook and make a weekly program, make space for possible changes and flexible areas in your schedule and DO NOT overschedule. Remember to start slowly, you can’t expect to make and maintain these new changes within a week. It will take time to get the hang of things, especially if you aren’t used to managing your time and activities. 

Now you’re probably thinking, how on earth is this simple? Well, I’ll tell you. As time progresses and you fall into this change of habit it will start becoming simple and effortless.

So I am challenging you to make it simple, don’t overthink it, and to quote Nike, ‘JUST DO IT’

Xoxo Dan_the_Wooman

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