The power of forming habits

Get up, wake up and start your day on a positive note.

As we all know getting up in the morning can be a daunting task and this is why I’m gonna help you.

Just like I said in my previous post the key is forming a habit. I’ve tried for a month now, to get up really early and start my day on a good foot (not always with success). My go to activity in the morning is starting with the word of God. I feel this automatically puts me in a great mood and allows me to be a better person in general. If you’re not a Christian meditation may be helpful as well.

Starting the day should be a good experience and this is all dependant on whether you tell yourself it is. Its amazing how our minds work, you can literally tell yourself ‘ This is gonna be a GREAT DAY’, and it will be. Try it, tell yourself this for about 66 days as this is the estimated time period for a habit to be set. This will ensure a life time of change and that is what most of us strive for .

I want you to know that I’m definitely am not perfect and have struggled to get up early every morning, but as soon as I did I felt like I accomplished so much. So I really do hope you do the same.

Xoxo Dan_the _Wooman

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