Set those goals for YOUrself

Goal-setting sometimes may seem like a waste of time, but doing it correctly definitely changes things. It makes you aware of what YOU believe YOU are capable of. Defying what other people are telling YOU, YOU can’t do.

You’re probably wondering (or may have picked up already, cause y’all are intellegent) why the you’s are in capitals. It’s because this is your own journey. In my previous post I have outlined exactly why I emphasize the ‘selfish’ you.

Goal-setting is something that I love doing, probably because it helps me create a better prospect for myself. You can use the SMART goal approach by George T. Doran, which includes the following:

  • Be specific e.g. I want to lose about 10kg within 6 months and maintain my weight loss. This can also include being specific about relationships.
  • Make is Measurable, by weighing yourself before and after an intervention. Or determine how many dress sizes you want to drop.
  • It has to be achievable and realistic. This is one of the most difficult ones, as it requires being honest to yourself about strengths and weaknesses. For e.g if you have never run a 10km in your life you cant expect to complete it in under an hour(unfortunately, I tried)
  • Then lastly we all know how hard time management is, and this is exactly why it is so important, because as soon as we know when we have to reach out goals this is another positive challenge you add to your life.

Everyone has different visual ways in which they prefer to write down thier goals. Use these to make it attractive and put it up somewhere that you pass on a daily basis e.g the fridge, room on the mirror or even in your car.

Tip #3: Do this for YOU, really think about it!

Xoxo Dan_the_Wooman

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