Discover the power of starting

If you’re anything like me, you find yourself in a constant mental battle of wanting to do things that you know are good for your health, but you feel like you have no motivation.

Well, first things first. Motivation is a myth, you just have to do the thing you want to do. It’s like wanting to watch television, but instead of switching it on, you stare at the black screen. It won’t work, you’ll only get annoyed and bored.

So don’t just stare at the black screen. Switch the damn television on. Just start doing what you want to do. Go jog, but don’t leave it for later, do it while the iron is still hot. I realised if I leave something for later, chances are I will never do it.

Start the project you’ve been dreading. You’ll probably finish in a much shorter time than you thought. The truth is, you win or lose a battle in your mind. It’s not that the task at hand is impossible, otherwise you wouldn’t have been asked to do it, or you wouldn’t have even considered it. It’s probably just because somewhere deep inside. There may be a root cause, maybe it’s fear of failure, maybe it’s self doubt, but you have the ability to figure out what it is, maybe even in doing the things you are or were avoiding.

You can do it, you can start by doing it. Taking it day by day, piece by piece! You are capable.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman (Short but sweet post)

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