Spending your energy wisely

I recently started watching this show on Netflix called “Get Smart with MONEY”, it deals with budgeting, how to invest and save your money etc, and it got me thinking…

Should we not think about spending our energy throughout the day wisely too. My ‘favourite’, but most ridiculous excuse I hear is, I just don’t have the time. Well, just like your financial well-being, if not more, your health should be prioritised. Without it, you can’t work to make the money to support your family or yourself.

It is a scary fact, that people would rather work themselves into the ground. Creating unhealthy circumstances like an overload of stress, fatigue, lack of sleep, an inability to interact efficiently with others and soooo many unnecessary things due to over working.

It’s not healthy, therefore I advocate a 4 day work week, obviously it’s not possible for the service industry and other industries, but for the ones that are able, provide your employees with incentives on staying healthy. A healthy workforce means:

1. Greater productivity

2. An increase of innovation and creativity.

3. More satisfaction with work/life balance which allows for a more seamless way of conflict resolution or even the reduction of conflict in the workplace.

People underestimate the power of sleep, healthy eating, meditation, exercise and more health inducing activities. It’s not just an irritating voice in your head or even from your family telling you to keep active and eat better. It is your body telling you what it needs. YES, NEEDS, not wants.

We invest our money in savings accounts, and shares and into other investments. So why not start investing in your health, just the same way, because the benefits are absolutely endless!!! You will feel a zest for life, an ability to outthink and outsmart those you thought you had nothing on! You get to make the choice.

Go for a 5 minute walk tomorrow, eat an apple and some veggies for lunch. Start somewhere, no step in the right direction is too small! Be forgiving to yourself, make mistakes, learn from them, but most of all, fricken enjoy your life.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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