Get ready to live

I’ve found myself in such a rut theses days trying to figure my life out, thinking what the next steps are. Just freaking myself out a little.

I think most/all people go through stages like this. I thought to myself, how on earth will I continue with the way I’m living right now? Negativity started becoming my friend, and that is one friend you do not want to have!

Until I realised I wasn’t busy trying to find my reality, my purpose, I was trying to fulfil the role of a working class adult, that focuses on budgeting and keeping my finances on track. Am I saving enough? Am I looking at my future investments enough? Well, dare I say it, that was not a great way to go about my finances, let alone living a happy, purposeful life. What it did instead.

  • It made me over analyse my finances and place my focus primarily on finances ( Yikes)
  • I was enjoying life less, making less time for fun things, isolated myself and worst of all neglected my mental and physical health.

The 5 year plan! Man, what a great analogy, and sure 5 years ago my plan was simple. Have a successful Health and Wellness Business, be flexible with my times to make time to be healthy and happy and grow together with my already husband.

Well thanks to many factors, my 5 year plan had to be moved into a 10 year plan! And guess what!! No one died, the world didn’t end (well nearly) and I’m still a person lucky enough to be healthy, young, enthusiastic and driven. Now what on earth more does one need.

Once I changed my mindset I realised that to my surprise that I AM OK. Damn, how many times do we want someone else to tell us we’ll be ok. When in actual fact you can tell yourself everything will be ok.

Pressure of society of having a degree, getting married, and having your first baby before 30 is complete and utterly unrealistic. I thought I was the only person my age that was struggling with anxiety and I found later in life I wasn’t. I didn’t get married or have kids yet😆

I remember someone saying to me, if a person single after 30 there is something wrong with them emotionally. Oh man, I remember thinking, what an idiot… Age is not a parameter for meeting someone nor is it something that should be rushed. I don’t know about you. But waiting for the right person and being happy, rather than being in an unhappy relationship seems way more attractive to me.

Going back to the enjoying life part… You have the right to live your life exactly how you please. To take your time making decisions, and for good ones at that. Of course we all make mistakes, but never ever compare yourself to anyone else that you think is in a more ideal situation in their life.

You live in the NOW, embrace the now! Live healthy, exercise, breathe, meditate, hang out with your friends, pray, make time for family and most importantly live your authentic truth🤍

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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