Part 1: Meditation for Beginners

At first thinking about Meditation put pressure on me to quiet the mind and rest the soul. Zone out, I guess.

What is Meditation?

Well simply put, and based on the definition created by me. It’s a way of relaxation and quieting of the mind, by focusing on breathing and being in the present moment, without mental clutter disturbing your thoughts. Allowing yourself to experience calmness and serenity of a clear head. If any actual meditation guru’s see this definition I’m sure I would be in trouble😂

I started practising it regularly and saw the profound effect it had on me and my overall health, especially my mental and emotional well-being. If you haven’t figured already, those who don’t like not having control over situations, they’re the ones who can’t let go of thoughts that keep their minds racing at 3 am in the morning.

Look… I’m not meditation guru. Actually I’m quite the opposite, but I try to keep my calm on most days. The smallest things used to just throw me out of my routine or make me end my exercise/fitness regime. Oh the excuses.

In this specific post I will be giving beginner tips for meditating, to not do a full on 30 minutes of meditation, but rather increasing awareness of your breath. One thing I hear most people say os that when they are instructed to remove all their thoughts from their mind, they are forced to remember the thought before they remove them.

Meditation hack #1

Stop thinking altogether. Just think of blank nothingness. How did I do it ? Well I had to let go of my overthinking nature. I was so burnt out and exhausted from an early age, that now, I’m just like “Stop your shit.. you beautiful creature” (yes, this is what I refer to myself as, No judgment necessary) I imagine myself at a stream of water, lying on the softest blanket everrrrr and just closing my eyes. If you want to add a visualisation of a higher power, like me, you can. I visualise laying next to Jesus and feeling his calming, lovingness, the calm trickling sound of the water and the smell of grass gently blowing past my nose.

Meditation hack #2

Visualising not for you? Don’t worry you’ll get there eventually. Just think of how you would feel if you were at your favourite holiday destination, or somewhere you go to let off some steam. Remember the smells of the place, the feeling you have in your heart when you are at your happiest and content with life. Stick to those sensations and feeling. And breath deeply while you think of them.

Meditation hack #3

You are unique, and everyone’s meditation should be unique as such. Don’t think about whether you’re doing it right or not. It’s self exploration, error of elimination. If you’re thinking about the place that makes you happy, but you had a bad experience the last time you went. Don’t choose that place. Focus on your breath and think of elephants. Or something that makes you smile. There is no right or wrong way.

These are pretty simple pointers, that I hope won’t be too daunting for a beginner. Just do whatever feels natural and right. In the end, you’re the one who wants the release, and the one who needs the stress relief.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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