What should I do now, after the Covid Pandemic?

This is probably a very common question. Some gyms are going to have to shut down and the new post Covid-19 life will start, and we don’t know how to start our new health journey’s.

What does exercise’s future look like? My answer is simple. Find what you love and exercise caution. One thing I know is that core fitness communities, for example, cross-fit, Bodybuilders and Yogi’s, as well as Pilates and other classes will continue. But how exactly will we celebrate without our high-fives and hugs. Well, it’s called the new normal. Along with this new normal is the introduction of even more online based trainings, if you thought you’ve seen enough Instagram and Facebook promotions for online training, you haven’t seen nothing yet😳

Health and Well-being should be at the forefront of everyones mind, and that opens up so many opportunities for Health coaches, Nutritionists and related Fitness aspects. We need Holistic Health now, more than ever!

What is Holistic Health?

Well, it’s the incorporation of mind, body and spirit. The overall treatment or rather, preventative training and mind-body treatment that will reduce your chances for infections, chronic illnesses and disease. The World Health Organization(WHO) definition of Health that all Healthcare Practitioners and anyone in the “Wellness Industry” should be very familiar with, is defined as, The overall well-being of an individual in a physical, emotional and social sense and not merely the absence of disease/illness.

This is amazing because it gives us the power to change our fate in terms of becoming ill and gives us the power to protect ourselves from disease/illness. 🧬🧬

Changing things, like out diet and lifestyle will allow you to make really great changes. Are you constantly feeling tired, even when you’re not doing much? Are you stressing out and wondering how you’ll ever live a normal life after Covid-19.

WAIT A SECOND…. Take a deep breath! And re-focus! You will be fine! Things may be spiraling out of control for some right now. I mean I’m jobless and living with my parents so, I know a thing or two about freaking out in the midst of this Pandemic🤷🏼‍♀️.

What is keeping me sane?, you ask. The answer is, my mind…Meditating🧘🏼‍♀️, exercising and watching my nutrition, has not only given me more energy, I am more mentally alert and emotionally ready to take on this time. I have been tweaking my diet and making sure that I eat all my fruits and vegetables, and that I am eating nuts, seeds, beans, legumes and whole-wheat foods. Oh man, I never in my life thought I could cut meat from my diet, but I proved myself wrong.

I have been on a whole-foods diet now for around 6 weeks and I feel amazing to say the least. I started eating this way because I was struggling with energy, stress and my skin was breaking out, at the age of 26. I felt like I could sleep the whole day and still feel tired at night. When I started this way of eating, I didn’t out any pressure on it, I just took it day by day and that’s what I’m telling you to do with your lifestyle.

I believe that you and I have the control over what we allow in our body’s and what we allow into our minds. Remember this next time you’re contemplating eating something that you know is not healthy or when you continue on the same bad habit path 🧘🏼‍♀️You’re better than that. You can do it. Tell yourself these things and carry on telling yourself these things💙

Look after yourselves 💙💙

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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