The Minimalist Lifestyle


The pressure of this life gives us the opportunity to do and try a gazillion things. So I have decided to write about saying no to some of these things.

We may feel like we can handle these things but, can we really? Why is there a rise in anxiety and depression levels of humanity.

It’s cause we weren’t meant to do a gazillion things, why are we so obsessed with this idea that we need to be everything and do everything to be respected and acknowledged. Take a moment and think about this. What are all the things you have on your plate at this moment in time, and which of these cause you to be happy and which of these things completely freak you out?

I thought I could do and be everything at a stage, just to realize that the only person telling and allowing me to do all this stuff was me…

News Flash!! You are not perfect and you will never ever be perfect, no matter how hard you pray or try. We weren’t made to be perfect , we were made to use our flaws to touch other peoples lives. So when you see the prissy blonde girl with her tall, dark and handsome boyfriend and you feel like crap cause you’re single and trying to keep all your crap together just remember. They too have their problems, all of us do. It’s foolish to look at other people and envy their lives.

You have to live your own life and make sure that while living it you aren’t secretly punishing yourself by trying to be and do it all. Say no to some things that do not serve you. For example, I had to stop studying Dietetics because I simply couldn’t handle the stress anymore. It’s not because I was dumb, or that I couldn’t finish it. I could, but at what cost. I would be unhappy, burnt out and sad all the time.

I had to choose the wellness of myself over a great qualification. Just like me, other people have to choose their wellness over their profession. Like in Grey’s Anatomy where Miranda Bayley has to take a sabbatical for her heart health. Similarly my mother had to stop working after she was diagnosed and it took the stress off of her.

Somehow society is telling us that working, achieving and being the absolute best is what it’s all about. I am telling you now, take the stress off, obviously if you are the sole bread winner, the responsibility is working to make enough money. I am just as guilty of pushing myself in a direction that I wasn’t necessarily meant to go.

With a Minimalist life, I’m not saying give up your dreams, I’m just saying you could live a focused life, with less background noise. Say no, no matter how hard it may be. I don’t struggle with saying no, but I know so many people do. It will liberate you and make you feel free.

So go ahead and try it. If it works and you feel happier, you will know that you were keeping yourself busy with the wrong stuff, and if you don’t there is something that is holding you back.

xoxo Dan_the_Wooman

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