It’s not that hard…

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So the cliché I haven’t written in a while is going to be used now.


The rollercoaster which is my life has been more than my body and brain can handle. Safe to say working is not as straight forward and logical as it seemed to be my whole life long. I always thought people were being extra by complaining about work, now I know…

Also exercise is way harder to fit in a schedule with work… Although very possible, If you just believe 🙏

First of all brief update:
1) I’m doing something completely different than what I imagined doing(job wise)
2)I have gained a significant amount of weight.
3) and both 1 and 2 have now got me in a flat spin.

All my life I was planning to work with people in the health and wellness industry and now I’m working in the Manufacturing industry. So it’s safe to say that I have to adjust mentally, emotionally, spiritually and every other-ally that I possibly could.

But… This job allows me to work with people, but in a different more business orientated way.

Guys…Shocker alert! I started loving it. It gave me the opportunity to be creative and to work hard, which sounds weird, I know. But, in my unemployed period doing nothing made me crazy(welcome workaholic Dan_the_Wooman), so I’m super grateful for this opportunity.

Now comes the depressing part of the story. Eating whatever I wanted, like I did before(while training at least twice a day) made me gain some weight. Like I couldn’t figure out before that office jobs aren’t the most active jobs(Can’t deal!!😒😂)

I now understand what it feels like to have to go on a diet. For the first time in my 25 years of life. Which sounds snobbish. Which it is not meant to be… Hear me out! I had to focus on practising what I preach , meaning I don’t go overboard when eating and I try to regulate my portions.

Also, as you probably know by now, I love to exercise. My new exercise regime involves more strength training and it’s great except for the a light bit of water gain around the muscles and because I haven’t been eating like I should and doing a lot less cardio than before, I have gained weight as well in the form of fat. It’s not fun!

With this I am trying to say that I’m not perfect, but what I need you to understand is that you have control over the food you eat and any other choice you make when it comes to your health and life in general. If you choose fatty foods you’ll gain weight. If you choose shitty men you’ll end up broken hearted.

It’s simple maths really…💁

So I urge you today. Find a solution. Get yourself a calorie counter and watch your portions. Also do a background check on the guy your dating (Joking, that is called stalking and it’s frowned upon😊it’s a pleasure) No but seriously make informed choices when it comes to men.

Yours Sincerely friends
Xoxo Dan_the_Wooman

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