Expectation vs Reality

* Sad Post Alert*

We see this saying in so many memes, but have you really stopped to really think about it ?

We are constantly being disappointed by so many things in life because we set expectations. If you take time and look at the situations you found yourself in you will realize that it was the mere human beings surrounding you at that time who dissapointed you. All we want is to be loved and belong, and stop having to look over our shoulder constantly with the fear of being stabbed in the back. Why do we have to put a limit on each other, why is it so hard to commit and be loyal.

Furthermore, why is it so hard for us to trust, especially when the person that wants you to trust them is the one doing everything to be a trustworthy human.

Sorry for the venting moment, but I feel this is something that is the struggle of my life. The struggle, of giving all the loyalty and honesty in the world and not receiving any trust, just because another person in his/her life dissapointed them. So the difference between expectation and reality in this case, is that there is no difference.

I’ve been forcing myself for the longest time to set my expectations so low when it comes to people that when I realized that’s what I was looking for in relationships too I had to abruptly stop myself.

You should never ever shift your expectations to suit other people because most of the time you will absolutely, definitely be dissapointed.

You have to deal with the fact that although you cannot control how other people treat you, you do have a choice on how to treat them. So I also had to make a difficult choice, to keep some things to myself, especially when it comes to relationships. I’ve realized that I have really put myself out there which has left me vulnerable. In this day and age you never know how people intend to treat you.

I’ve always given people the benefit of the doubt and yes, I’ve been dissapointed, because I was naiive, that’s one thing I like to advocate. Do not be naiive! Look at yourself in the mirror and realize that you have the power to withhold parts of your heart to protect yourself.

You cannot and will not allow people to walk all over you, or use the things you shared in confidence to be splurged out to the world and used against you. I cannot stress enough the importance of what my dad says “Keeping your playing cards to your chest”, don’t go showing your cards to everyone, but know who the ones are whom you can reveal them to and really know that they are in safe hands.

Unfortunately, we do not live in a fairytale world and with this knowledge we know that not all people can be trusted. Seems like a sad way of thinking. Or so I thought, until people started showing their true colours.

Stay true to you lovely.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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