Understanding Supplementation 

One of the misconceptions of the 21st century is that using supplements can be the only “lifestyle change” you will have to make in terms of possible weight loss and healthy living.

This idea has lead to bad publicity for companies that are involved in supplement developement. People need to be made aware of the proper use of supplements and their interactions with various body types and goals. People need to be educated on how the use of supplements with proper exercise and nutrition can be beneficial to the absorption and effect of supplements on their bodies.

How do you become aware as a customer of proper supplementation?

Labels , labels and more labels. This is the most important aspect when deciding on which supplements you need. Whether you want to lose weight, get some more lean muscle or bulk up. There are so many options. The labels of products will tell you how much energy you will get in terms of proteins, carbs and fats. Not to mention a handful of hopefully patented ingredients. Make sure that you determine whether the product is safe to use or not by checking for possible allergens and (especially for woman wanting to use pre-workout) the amount of testosterone (synthetic) added.

You need to know what you are giving your body and if you are uncertain go to a professional e.g. a Registered Dietician. They will tell you exactly what your needs are in terms of nutrition and supplementation. Then you can go and do your own research on the company you want to use. If a supplement has been proven to work by various studies (on people, not necessarily rats) then the chances of efficacy will be great.

Also if a supplement is not working for you, there is always a reason. So tip of the day. Do your reality check! (One of my previous posts) and be honest with yourself. Have I been following my meal plan? Have I been exercising enough? Am I using the correct dosing procedures? If not, you probably have to restart. But every day is a new start and a new opportunity to be a better you©

How do you start?

Get the right information and advice and your good to go. Now, all you’ll need is that motivation and perserverance. Should be pretty simple, but we all know that voice in our head telling us we can’t. Well I’m taking out some Barack Obama when I say, Yes, We Can!

This voice in our heads usually says, but just one cookie or just one chocolate. It won’t affect me? But we all know it does! Anything that makes that voice come out in the first place probably wasn’t a good idea to start with. I want to encourage you to trust your intuition (gut) It will be some of the best decisions you will make.

So stick to the plan and stick to the diet, and most importantly stick with yourself. You are the only constant you have in this world and you have the responsibility to look after your own health.

Be wise and supplement guys😉🌞

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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