Get out of your bubble

You know what’s scary? It’s realizing that the world we live in is filled with billions of bubbles. 
For anyone who thinks that I have completely lost it. You’re not wrong! I am starting to see people living in their own man-made bubbles. It’s all about image and the fancy car and the super job and having the perfect body to top it all off. This is what we see when we go onto social media. It is very rarely that I find people who are going out of their way for others. Don’t get me wrong, there are many people who are extremely compassionate and giving, and I look up to those people. 

Realizing your problems might not be as big as you make them and starting to be aware of people around you, can be a huge eye opener. It was for me… As soon as I removed myself from my studies and worries and anxiety, the need around me to help others was so strong and I didn’t even need to make an effort to identify it because the Lord already did. At my church they say,’ It’s all about the souls’ . Sometimes you just need a wake-up call to realize that you are not put on this earth to accumulate earthly possessions. It’s about our role as children of the Almighty God to bring people to His Kingdom and give them the opportunity for the eternal life. 

You(myself included) should stop being so selfish and start doing something. I’m not saying, go to people and have a discussion with him/her about God. All you have to do is to continue in a relationship with Him and I can promise you, HE will give you opportunities. 

Furthermore it is so important to surround ourselves with people that we are comfortable to be associated with. People with character, values and integrity and those that build you up, and do not partake in destructive things. You’re probably thinking, ‘where on earth do I find people like that? Do they even exist?’, and I’ll tell you that they do. It’s your own bubble that is preventing you from seeing them and experience the value of true friendship.

So get out of your bubble and climb in someone else’s bubble, and you’ll see how one big bubble forms. A bubble full of positivity, growth and Godly blessings! 

Till next time

Xoxo Dan the Wooman 

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