Seeing is believing

You may not believe that you can or trust that you can, but I know that YOU CAN. Stick with me and I’ll make you believe in your abilities 

Anything in life whether its a relationship, an exercise regime or a eating plan requires a certain amount of effort from your side. We cannot expect to make changes if we aren’t fully aware or capable if realizing that change may mean giving something up. Consequently also knowing that you have to make the effort to make this change. Be aware that you may not be able to eat you’re favourite chocolates and know that instead of walking you’ll have to start jogging. 

 I’m not here to demotivate you at all, but I realize that in a society like today everyone wants the quick fix and easy, tangible results. I dont mean to be the bearer of bad news, but here it is, Anything that you obtain in a easy, quick way has the possibility of going away just as quickly and easily as it came. A great example would be people who want to lose weight quickly, they take diet pills and eat next to nothing, and then wonder why in the world they regained weight so quickly.

This is because people want quick results and they get it, granted, but only for a brief period.  I want to ask you what would be better, waiting a while for the right guy to come by, who will treat you how you deserve to be treated? OR Settling in a relationship where you know you deserve more, and you’re already being treated wrongly? Of course you would wait (or st least I would)

This can be pulled towards any area in your life. Be patient, and do things the right way. Remember that giving things up will take time and hard emotional work, but once you’ve dealt with it and let go you WILL feel so much better. A great, balanced and healthy lifestyle will take time. The key is to determine why you want to make a tangible change. Do you want to do it for yourself? Or others?

What I’ve realized with myself is that I tend to make a change in my life when I find a purpose in what I’m doing. Looking at the bigger picture and looking past small obstacles on the way, will give you the motivation to make a change.

If you take all that I’ve said into consideration, I truly hope that you experience the seeing part of this title and that you start really believing that you ARE CAPABLE .

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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