Where there is a will there is a way. Seemingly uncertain times can become the thing we need to truly move forward.

How do you move on, when you don’t know how to ? If you don’t know where to start? I will be attempting to help myself, help you. After 2 years of being abroad, I had to come back to my home country. Or rather, I decided to come back.

Making big moves takes a whole lotta grit. Not only did it take grit to move, it took so much sacrifice. Sacrificing, my comfort, my family, my friends, a place I grew up, and mostly sacrificing the safe space of my religion. Initially, I was so stoked to leave, and didn’t even feel the repercussions of my decisions. I went all guns blazing, excited for what the future would hold. The second time around, I lost some of that spark, I felt a heaviness sink in, the responsibility of life, of my life. I did not prioritise my own happiness, instead I succeeded to pressurise myself into unrealistic expectations.

I only started realising there was something wrong when I isolated myself to a point of utter sadness and I was sitting with my two cats in my living room, watching tv for the 10th night in a row. I went to the mirror and I couldn’t help looking at myself and crying. Crying because I could not recognise the person I had become; 27, young, alone, sad and most of all drained of all joy.

Oh man, my heart sank to my feet and I decided to pray, I prayed so much, and I prayed for an exit. A way to feel better, I prayed for drastic intervention.

It wasn’t long after this prayer, when things with my job started falling through. I could breathe again. I realised that things weren’t all negative. There was a clear exit, I was able to sell my things and move back to South Africa.

Like I said in the beginning I will be helping me help you. There is hope for you if you’re feeling down and like you should be somewhere that you are not.

1. If you are feeling a sense of hopelessness, getting feelings of sadness, thoughts related to hurting yourself , please contact a professional person to speak to urgently.

2. Talk to someone who knows you, or even someone that might not be in your immediate circle to make sure that what you are feeling is realistic and help you figure out an action plan to get out of the circumstance making you sad, or dealing with them in a positive way.

3. It will be very helpful for you to speak to and seek counsel with a life coach or health and wellness coach. To help you navigate your way around your lifestyle, finding positive and upbuilding ways to live your best life.

4. Find your peace and jou again, by giving yourself time! Even if it seems like you don’t have time you do! Take part in activities that you enjoy, do the things you have been putting off and most of all, just have some fun. It’s not overrated, or childish. You have to enjoy your life.

5. Look after your body by eating nutritious meals. Eat your vegetables and fruits. Drink water and keep your body moving.

6. Exercising comes in many forms. Walking, jogging, swimming, zumba, yoga, pilates, zen•ga, kick boxing, cross-fit, MMA etc. Your excuses of not enjoying exercise are no longer valid, because some of these aren’t super physical, you don’t have to become a world renowned athlete. You can even move for 5-10 min per day and do stretching. Our bodies are made to move, to be fuelled and to be kept in harmony and balance with our minds.

If I can do it, then so can you. We are amazing as human beings, we have versatility, compassion, love and most of all our minds and bodies. It’s your choice what you do with those two.

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