Recently, it’s been a mission to get myself up and going to exercise. The feeling of heaviness in my emotions and unwillingness to get moving.

I am definitely not the only one, even the only person who works in the fitness industry who seems to lose their motivation. It’s such a misconception that somehow we’re immune to the loss of motivation. Trial and error is the way I do it. I will be sharing some tips on how to find your inner motivation to do the thing you have been putting off.

Tip 1: What are your goals?

Identify the end goal. What does the thing you are putting off add to your life, to your sense of self and your well-being. Carrying on with the example of exercise. It would be finding things like, it makes me feel better about my body, I feel like it’s the only thing that helps me escape reality and helps me relax, I am the best version of myself when I do this.

Tip 2: Write it all down

How does this activity make you feel emotionally? Happy, sad, excited, more motivated, complete etc.

Rank these from the emotion you feel the most to the emotion you feel the least. If you realise that it’s not something that you are excited or happy about, change your strategy or even the whole activity, and replace it with something that makes you feel good, happy and excited.

Tip 3: Start

Now is the almost always dreaded part, but the easiest part. Just do it. Don’t think, just go and do this activity and note how it makes you feel. What are new things you are experiencing while doing this activity. Is it making you happy, are you feeling a sense of excitement, lost down all the positivesط

Tip 4: Make the activity part of your life by forming a healthy habit.

By choosing this activity based on the positive things it made you feel, you now have a base of positivity that you brain is connecting to the activity. Making it automatically more pleasurable to go and do it again. This takes practise and it’s all about the trial and error. You can do this with some dedication, but overall some mind-set changing. Our minds are such powerful tools and we underestimate this.

Tip 5: Actually reward yourself for doing this activity.

Go and do something that you love doing like drinking coffee, or take a nice long bubble bath. You need to rewire your brain, by using this rewarding system, so that it wants to continue with the activity.

By following these tips, you will discover a new sense of purpose to do certain activities, without feeling a obligation to do the activity. Enjoy life, live in the now, and stop worrying too much about not having ‘motivation’, remember that even the Instagram models have off days, they don’t feel constantly motivated, and that is ok. You will be ok.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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