Silver Linings

I made a pretty tough decision recently to give up on a job and a life that was no longer serving me in any way.

For some strange reason, I didn’t give up earlier, because I thought I had to stick it out. This made me think, why did I set such a harsh expectation on myself. The reality is, I’ve always been surrounded by friends that were very successful in academics, financially, in relationships etc. My parents whom found success at a young age, being married young, reaching financial stability well before I am. It just automatically caused the unhealthy reaction of comparison into my life. Why can’t I stick through this? I would ask myself.

Ahh, comparison. The enemy, but in actual fact I re-analyzed my own definition of success. What does it look like for me? I came to the conclusion that success for me stemmed from being the best version of myself, for myself and others. It’s so easy to measure the success of others with what they drive, what job they do, whether they are married and have kids. I did this, this was success for me.

Realising what my definition of success was, made me make an important decision that would change the course of where I thought I would be. Going abroad, starting a life and a family abroad, making a life for myself. My 5 year plan, now broadened. Thanks to Covid I had to change my plans, I had to re-adjust and re-focus.

Someone told me to, instead of comparing myself to others and identifying my flaws and weaknesses, to identify what I’ve been able to achieve in this time in Bahrain.

I have decided to look at the fact that I was able to move to a completely new country, so far from what I am used to. Another culture, another religion and way of living. To leave my family and close friends to pursue my dreams and purpose. I took on so many responsibilities. I dove into this experience, seeing and learning so much about my love for people, and it just clarified that I want to work as a Specialised fitness instructor and Health Coach.

Never shut yourself off for an opportunity that crosses your path, unless it’s not viable or not meant to be. Take risks in life, and you will receive great rewards. My purpose was carried out, as I prayed for them to be. All I can hope for is that people have seen the light in me and that it was contagious.

As for your life, look at your own definition of success and search for that silver lining. Highlight your strengths and when comparing yourself, don’t forget to compare down too. If you’re going to compare to the ones whom you feel are better or prettier or smarter than you, remember to compare the other way around too. What have you done that others haven’t ? ( This is not a selfish way to think, it will help you put yourself and your life into a healthy perspective) If you’re anything like me, just know that you cannot always be the best at everything, but you can try.

If you fail, you’re not a failure, because failures never try. You do your best! And look at the things that make you strong, beautiful, unique and special!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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