Life’s a series of events

When I really look at the way I’m living, and whom I share my life with, is it what I’ve always dreamt it would be?

If you’re a human being, this thought has probably crossed your mind a few times. What I’ve realized is, this question will pop up a few more times in my lifetime. This will be true in your life too.

 As we constantly evolve into (hopefully) full of character, experienced,wise and faith driven individuals, we need to look at our circumstances. This is useful as it puts your so called bad and good times into perspective.

Living a meaningful purposeful life should be the goal. Touching others lives and stopping ourselves from being the bad kind of selfish (nobody likes that person) Realizing that your experiences may help others reach their full potential. That’s what I’ve done with this blog as well. My opinions may not be based on science,but what it is based on is my experiences and these have formed who I am and hopefully will have an equal effect on you.

Take a while and list those positive situations and people that have formed the opinions you have about life and love. Then list those that you feel have had no impact and weigh your options. Ask yourself, “Are these the situations or people I want to dictate my character and help me develop as a person?” If you answer yes to this you are on the right path, however answering no will facilitate you to see and make a change for the good.

I really hope that you find your true inner happiness after weighing these factors and realize that you deserve only the best. no matter who you are, what you’ve done and no matter where you’re going. You are worthy!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman


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