The harder you practice the Luckier you get

Some people make us believe that everything in their lives are great. When deep inside we know everyone has their own struggles, they just hide it from plain site. 

Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged because of other peoples’ “shows” or facade they put on. I want you to stop wondering how those peoples lives look and start looking at your own. 

Yes! You can practice to be happy, believe it! If we can set habits for other things like waking up early, choosing how you react in certain situations etc. We can certainly choose to practice happiness. Like anything you give lots of attention to, happiness is something you feed by thinking positive thoughts(even in impossible moments where you think of wanting to slap someone). I know this sounds airy fairy but it most certainly is not. 

A very valuble lesson I have learnt, is that you choose how you react. Giving up is a decision, and so is persevering. I want you to constantly say these words to yourself in so called ‘impossible’ looking tasks, ‘I can, I will, I shall’, it seems stupid but it really changes the way you think about situations but also mostly changes the way you think of yourself. 

We catagorize ourselves on our failures and this is unnecessary when we put our failures against our successful acts. There is this story I heard, where a teacher gave her class a quiz to do. As they opened the paper they saw a black dot in the middle of the page and the teacher told them to describe what they see on the page. The students started describing the position of the black dot on the page and the shade of black that the dot had been. Afterwards the teacher revealed that everyone had explained the black dot, but no one described the white open space around the dot. She then further explained that just as in life we focus on that one bad thing (the black dot) and forget about all the good around us.

Focussing on the positive and constantly making this part of our lives is the key to true happiness. Its not a on and off switch you have to work at it and BELIEVE you can be happy ☺

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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