Feeling a little lost?

I’m here to tell you! That you will be OK. Not only will you be ok, you will be stronger on the other side.

Do you find yourself questioning your purpose, your relationship and just in general questioning yourself? Well then you’ve come to the right place to tell you that it’s so normal.

Somehow we’ve been programmed into thinking, that when something gets a little less easy, that we need to move on to broader horizons. When in fact, you might need to take stock of what you do have and start seeing your situation in another perspective.

You control your mind, it does not control you. All of us have choices to make, and some may seem straight forward, and others make us scratch our heads thinking, how on earth will we get through it.

How do I think differently?

Well simply said, it takes a lot of hard work. Consistently working through your thoughts and stopping bad thinking habits. When a certain sensitive situation arises, we need to stop our thought pattern before it heads down the rabbit hole. An example would be, imagining that you have something very challenging at work, that you can’t seem to crack, instead of thinking, why can’t I figure this out? So stupid.

You can stop that way of thinking by:

1. Identifying your negative thinking, and realising that it is not helping you, instead it might be hindering you to be effective in your decision making. Remove your inner being from these kinds of thoughts, and do not associate with them.

2. Rather than identifying with the negative thoughts, think of a similar situation in which you rose above these thoughts and how it made you feel to not be affected by them.

3. Live in the present moment, appreciate what you have right now, and if right now is not great, think of something that makes you happy.

4. Forgive yourself more 🤍 You are worth it, you make mistakes, who doesn’t? But it’s all about processing things. Do not sweep emotions under the carpet, because they will come back to haunt you later. Process things and give yourself some grace.

You are worth the work. Once you start the process of journalling about your emotions, and identifying things you want to remove from your thoughts, you will never have to look back.

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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