Part 2: Meditation station

Taking some time, especially nowadays is not a difficult task. We all have time to set aside, whether we want to or not.

If you’re anything like me, you give everything to other people, your attention, your affection and your love. It is time to invest in yourself, and set that time aside for meditation.

Treat the time you have for yourself, like a gift. This might sound weird but look at yourself in the mirror before you do and tell yourself “I love you.”

1. Say Hello to yourself, place your 1 hand on your heart/chest and the other on your stomach. Thank yourself for being brave, and strong and sticking through the hard times and enjoying the good times.

So many times, I have avoided myself, because I knew if I did I had to face my decisions, my life. When I eventually did, I realised how important it is to check in with myself. We cannot control other people’s reactions or what they do, but we can control how we react and how we are. All of this starts with spending time with ourselves🤍

2. Make a specific time in your day, choose a time or a cue that is a natural part of your day, like after you go to the bathroom or before breakfast.

3. Think about your favourite place, take in the smells, look at the surroundings in that place. When meditating you don’t necessarily have to focus on not thinking about anything. That makes it harder for some people to keep the things that bother them out of their minds. Think about beautiful scenes, smells and feelings.

4. It’s better to spend time with yourself than to spend time with people who do not value or understand your worth in their lives. This is something you can reflect on in your meditation. Remember all the amazing things you have done, seen and experienced and start being grateful for these things.

I hope you leave this blog post feeling empowered, special and worthy 🤍🤍🧘🏼‍♀️

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