Finding your balance

Whether you are a mother trying to juggle time with your kids, your job and relationships, or, whether you are someone struggling to settle into a routine. I have good news for you!

It is possible for you to maintain a steady routine while still having fun doing it all. How? You ask.

Well… It’s all about taking your priorities and spacing them evenly throughout your week and day. Being mindful about who and what you allow to occupy your mind and take your energy!

For me anxiety was the greatest thing holding me back to maintain a routine and stick to it. Yes, even I have struggled tremendously, especially in the last few months to maintain a balance. When you have something that distracts you from sticking to a routine, find a way through it.

Do not see it as a debilitating factor and most importantly, DO NOT let it hold you back. Sit down in front of your calender and plan! For all those planning freaks out there (yes, this includes me), you have the chance to go ballistic and plan everything you can think of.

Divide your day, week and months and do some time management. If your plans do not fit perfectly into a prescribed slot, change it. Remember that although we plan, life can throw us with some curve balls. So be flexible and open to change in your schedule.

Plan out holidays if you can, and make sure that you give yourself enough time for this. Exercising should form at least 3 days a week at 30-60 minutes a session. Make time for your warm-ups and cool-downs. If you are doing a cardio routine on those days, make sure to work in at least one day of strength training (a.k.a weights and core)

Your workout routine and especially REST, should be added to your plan. What are your short term and long term goals for these. If you want to become stronger, make sure that you are doing what you can to get stronger. The best way to maintain a routine is to go set a time for exercise and going to a exercise class or join in with a personal trainer to keep you motivated and steady in reaching your goals.

The one thing moat people forget to add into a plan like this is food. We are automated to be hungry at different times of the day and depending on a number of factors we may either skip meals or not eat enough of the proper nutrients out bodies need. Therefore adding food and making sure that you plan your meals ahead will only benefit you in the future💙

The thing that ties all of this together is our mental health. So many times I convince myself I’m too tired to get up early or that I can’t do something, when in actual fact I know that I can. To get up as soon as you wake up is key! This eliminates the possibility of your brain trying to stop you.

So get up and out of bed when that alarm rings. Trust me, you will feel liberated. With this said, you will still experience those mornings where you just don’t feel like getting up. You need to learn to listen to your body, but don’t give it too much power. Habit formation, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts is a process, which will be worth it when you see the results.

This post isn’t a quick fix method and all of this will take time, but continually working on all of these factors can help you in adapting to your surroundings and will help you succeed.

My last point which is probably one of the most important points are. If you feel stuck and think that you can’t do this, I’m here to tell you, you can!! Do not allow negative thoughts and doubt to creep in! Just take these steps and start implementing them! Take that calendar and start planning!

Xoxo Dan the Wooman

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